we have nothing,

but we are everything!


We are so excited about the year ahead in 2020 along with the work we are already undertaking, however we intend to push the boundaries even considering the current difficulties of the Corona Virus.

Along with other projects and donations, we will work hard at the following projects (as a minimum) before the end of 2020:

  • Currently we continue to work with our Colleagues at Bali Caring Community. We are assisting in this where ever we can as they are a fully voluntary organisation making huge progress within the balinese community and to improve peoples lives.

  • Additionally, We will continue to provide life opportunity for poverty stricken families this year. We are only scratching the surface of families in need in Bali and around the world but its progress.                                    

  • We have just completed building 3 homes in the Karangasem region for families who were living in cane huts and unable to protect the family.                                    

  • We provide schooling opportunities for children, who may not have otherwise received an education at all. 

  • We provide comfortable sleeping for as many families and individuals as possible. A mattress and pillow is something that so many families never get a chance to experience yet can be the beginning of a full and happy life, and can improve life's opportunities through a more positive outlook on life. 

  • We provide income opportunity. We provide appropriate families who are keen to progress and can see an income opportunity. Pigs & Cattle can offer a great income source, increasing in value by approx 3 times in as little time as one year.

  • Our support is to create a positive active environment with schools and communities. We will provide balls for the children, creating fun, fitness, friendships, co-ordination and a positive environment, particularly for the underprivileged.



  • To improve the lives of people (of all age groups) who are less fortunate, or who may be without opportunity in life!

  • To draw attention, and to show the more fortunate people of the world that other precious lives need our help, all around the globe and in so many walks of life!