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No project is too big or small, it all counts!



Providing schooling for young children.

Education is such an important part of the future of any society.

Such a small amount of money can provide an education, clothing and books for a student for one year. These beautiful kids actually have such huge potential and dreams, yet simply don't get a chance. I

t is most common that students will drop out of school due to parents lack of income to provide the children at least a sensible education.

We will continue to support schooling opportunities where we can and its such an incredible experience watching young kids grow and reap the reward of education

Access to these children and families has become extremely difficult during the severity of Covid however all efforts to support are continuing.



Balls for Bali Kids

Bail Family Projects is improving the lives of kids in Bali. Creating Fun, fitness, friendships, co-ordination and a positive environment, particularly for the underprivileged. Our support is to create a positive active environment with schools and communities by giving balls to kids is an initiative that is gaining amazing support and a massive smile for the kids of Bali!

I love this project and thrive on its expansion! Watching kids smile is such a thrill.





Providing mattresses for a family - their first time sleeping on a mattress!

So many families, whether just a husband & wife or a family of up to 5, are sleeping on nothing more than damp flooring or clay. They may have never experienced the pleasures that we take for granted of a comfortable nights sleep with a good mattress.

A mattress costs as little as 600,000Rp (just under $60 Australian dollars) plus delivery. For such a small amount, this can change the life of a hard working family with young children. Having delivered numerous mattresses to families, we are in awe of the satisfaction when families actually receive what we are used to being a basic requirement. 

We provide mattresses to as many families as possible for a good nights sleep and to improve opportunity for lifes goals. 

Where ever new family homes have been built we also provide bedding.



​In more recent times we have begun building homes for struggling families


Since Covid began and with great thanks to those who support our charity  we have built 5 homes for struggling families and individuals mostly in the Karangasem region of Bali.​

Because of the great support we receive from many local villagers and along with the great work from Bali Caring Community we have now been able to create life opportunity for people who would simply not have the capability of surviving in such harsh environments.

With some families unable to earn much more than 1Mill Rp per month its such a thrill to be able to help.

For greater viewing of the building projects we have completed please refer to Bali Family Projects Ltd Facebook page.


We aim to assist in every way we can to make these beautiful people's lives better, but importantly, we aim to give hope!


A Safe Home:

Improving the family home.

Made Srianten and his family of four currently live in a home, which is no bigger than the average families master bedroom. The home is made of Bamboo. They sleep on thatched flooring, with compressed mud forming a solid base to the home, and they use plastic to prevent moisture from coming in. They have no electricity and no immediately available water. 

Made is a farm labourer earning the equivalent of approximately $25 Australian dollars per week for the family. His wife is no longer able to work after falling from a clove tree while working as a clove picker.

They also get donation of 5kg of rice per month from the Indonesian government.

Made and his family do own the land where they live and will benefit immensely from a safe, secure and strong home for the family.

Family Support:

Supporting this child with malnutrition

Komang Sukada, his wife and son, Gede, of five years old live in a plywood hut 400 metres from the road.

Komang is a farm worker and earns the equivalent of approx $103 per month, and also receives Indonesian government assistance of 7kg rice per month. Unfortunately this is not enough to save his son who has had malnutrition for a number of years.

Our support is aimed to provide the immediate assistance of Gede’s malnutrition, in order for his survival.

However, the lack of resources required day to day has created a struggle to not only improve, but sustain Gede’s and his families quality of life.

We are trying to improve the life of this family. They are not afraid of hard work but the income simply does not support a family of three.

They are tenants of the location so they can not achieve benefit of a new home, but we are trying improve the needs of the house hold, which in turn helps the young boy and his future.

If we were able to provide electricity to the home and running water, along with the opportunity to increase their income by providing a cow or pig, this would have a huge impact on Gede's health and the family's life.

We are working hard for you, Komang Sukada & family!

Toys for Children:

Such a simple gift can change a life​

One of the greatest pleasures in life is to see a child smile!

Small, simple toys are so rare for most under privileged families in Bali, so to be able to offer them to the children is such a satisfying and rewarding moment. These toys may even be ones which our own children may have grown out of!

It provides an enjoyment that is even shared by the parents, and creates the energy needed to push through and give hope for the future.

Any small toys that can be transported on my regular trips to these families would be greatly appreciated! (Currently on hold)

It is such a simple way of helping, but one which has so much value to the children and parents alike.

Miscellaneous Support:

A pushbike present!​

We gifted this little girl a pushbike, to assist in her 30 minute journey to and from school every day!

A child's journey to school can be as much as 90 minutes each way to school and often through poor terrain. To create an easier path to school for the education they crave is such a rewarding experience. Bali Family Projects have assisted and will continue to assist where possible to ensure a safe and easy path for a better education.

...this is progress, but it is just the beginning!

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